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March 17 2015

ALEXANRIA, VA, 3/17/15—Over 100 people gathered at Joe Theisman’s in Alexandria Saturday to show their support for Mayor Bill Euille’s re-election campaign. The attendees cheered as Campaign Chairman Eric Williams introduced the Mayor, saying his “unwavering resolve to see Alexandria at its full potential is remarkable.”

Delegate Patrick Hope of Arlington said, “Nobody understands the local economy and local issues like Mayor Euille,” ​and has recently given Mayor Euille his official endorsement.

Councilmember Tim Lovain of Alexandria, who has also recently endorsed Mayor Euille, noticed, “Mayor Euille continues to be a dynamic leader who knows how to bring everyone together to get things done.”

About the impending new Metro stop in Alexandria, Mayor Euille said, “It’s going to have a very significant impact on the city’s quality of life and tax base. The final Metro site selection has been delayed by a draft Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) process and the city is ready to make its recommendation as soon as the federal evaluation has been completed. I know my opponent likes to tell everyone that it should have been done sooner, but that is another example of people making claims who don’t understand the real process and the leadership it takes to see big programs through.” ​Mayor Euille also serves on the Board of Directors of the Washington Metropolitan Transit Authority (WMATA).

Closing out the event, Mayor Euille thanked his enthusiastic supporters, promising to bring people together to make our city innovative, inspiring and sustainable.

Mayor Euille closed out the event saying, “I know that, together, we will continue to move Alexandria forward,” the Mayor said.


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